Morgan Wolf

Mar 18th, 2021

I'm a skeptical person, but this product actually works. Months of intense joint aches eased after a 30 minute soak. And it left my skin feeling so soft and hydrated.

Madeline Barrett

Dec 10th, 2020

LOVE THIS! I’ve used so many CBD products and this is the top of my list. I had a serious tension headache from working in the cold post intense chiropractor appointment and I slept so well after this guy! 100/10 recommend!


Nov 12th, 2020

I use this on my hands / elbows after weight training, and it always makes a positive impact. You're getting nothing but the best quality from this company.


Nov 12th, 2020

Former marine, weightlifter, and jiu-jitsu practitioner here. The broad spectrum tincture has greatly improved my sleep. I also like that is has mint flavor which is something I have not found with other products...those are more harsh, etc. But the quality is what keeps me coming back. I can actually feel the results which is rare with supplements that I've purchased/taken. To say that I'm thankful to have found this company would be an understatement.


Nov 11th, 2020

Former Marine here, and I'm not one to take baths.However, my wife had some of these on stand-by in the bathroom, and I decided to give one a go after a tough jiu-jitsu session. Filled the tub, dropped one of these bad boys in, and within 20mins I was totally relaxed/on cloud nine....slept like a baby that night as well. Highly recommend this product.


Aug 7th, 2020

I love this product so much


Aug 7th, 2020

Amazing Product

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