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BBX CBD Relief Cream

BBX CBD Relief Cream

BBX CBD Relief Cream, infused with nutrients and essential oils such as eucalyptus and orange, delivers potentially beneficial anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation properties that may quickly and effectively alleviate your pain while moisturizing your dry skin.

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BBX Hemp Tincture Mint

Scientifically engineered to deliver Bold Biologix proprietary blend of mint-infused coconut and broad spectrum CBD oils, terpenes, and other phytocannabinoid nutrients. Apply a few drops under your tongue (sublingually) and learn why millions of people have embraced this natural, hemp derived daily therapy.


BBX Restore CBD Bath Bomb

Recover from mental or physical exertion with this rejuvenating natural bath time essential. Our proprietary blend of shea butter, lavender, honey, and 200 MG of THC-free CBD isolate may revitalize your spirit, relax your body and help you escape from the stresses of everyday life.


BBX Recovery CBD Roll-On

THC-free CBD isolate plus a perfect blend of soothing botanicals, rapidly engage the body’s and brain’s CB receptors to potentially deliver targeted and immediate relief from muscle and joint pain. An essential pre-requisite for the active, on-the-go competitor in all of us.


BBX Restful Sleep Package

Ten (10) BBX Restore CBD Bath Bombs, Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, THC free, Made in the USA!, 3rd party laboratory tested, Two (2) BBX Hemp Mint Tinctures Kosher & Non GMO & Improve recovery


BBX Pain Relief Package

Two (2) BBX Recovery Roll-On Gels, THC free, Nutrient rich phytocannabinoids, 3rd party laboratory tested Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, Made in the USA! Antiviral, analgesic, One (1) BBX CBD Relief Cream One (1) BBX Hemp Mint Tincture


BBX Stress Relief Package

Four (4) BBX Restore CBD Bath Bombs, Kosher and Non GMO Made in the USA!, Three (3) BBX Hemp Mint Tinctures Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, Antiviral, gastroprotective One (1) BBX CBD Relief Cream, Improved sleep and rest Calming response, 3rd party laboratory tested

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